by Plagueprayer

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This album is a collaboration between Hangsvart and Jorg Puschmann.


released February 18, 2016

Lyrics by Jorg Puschmann.
Music, sounds, voices by Hangsvart.



all rights reserved


Plagueprayer Toulouse, France

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Track Name: The Perfect Rite Necromancy

Der Stern regiert den Mann
er rührt ihm das Gehirn
wer aber witzig ist
herrscht über das Gestirn

I am the master of 5 keys
speek words of spell and sorcery
my wisdom now has gave to me
The perfect rite of Necromancy

after the life the body died
mortal and eternal things are divided
two things of us remains on earth
its a mortal and sidereal birth
I know them both i recognize
for this first point i am wise
Cognitio mortalium spirituum

I am the perfect necromancer
unholy medieval dancer

But thats not all, believe in me
i also have a second key
i am the master, the ghosts are slave
all my wishes they do brave
they serve me now without a breath
i know they`re spirit before death
beyond earth the hells bells ring
i got my puppets on a string
Tortura noctis

I do the Paracelsus Dance
my life is just a NecROMANCE

But listen and believe to me
I also got a third key.
These ghosts dont live to eternity
but with my power of witchery
i know them well and speak their name
they raised from chaos-its my game
Meteorica vivens

In this lightless and sinister night
i do the perfect necromancy rite

But look i got also a fourth key
all that who past have to serve me.
I grab without damage into the bodies
and do my necromancy studies
i put the soul and also spirit
and if i would put something in it.
With this power this is clear
world domination now is near.
Clausura nigromantica

I am the burial ressurection dancer

I think its now on you to see
to know: i have a 5. Key.
All the broken bodies; its to tell:
I make them invisible
with my demonic words of spell
i raise them all out of hell
i make them mine with sorcery
I`m Master to eternity.
Obcoecatio nigromantica

With these 5 steps i`m the perfect Necromancer
No, it is more
Track Name: John Dee
I am the whisperer in the dark
i see my love beyond death
in my hands grows the last ark
to gave her breath back …

I never tried but now i will
i just have to believe
so i will speak the words of spell
cause she has died in grief...

I am the master of necromancy
Now almighty til eternity
rule the world with darkest sorcery
to beat the death i have the key

a fullmoon night - cloudless black sky - flames in the skylight - old demons rise

i open the grave -your body decayed-might is coming in waves-to heaven and hell my prays
broken your eyes-away your mind-but i open the skies-you were so kind

you are my first try-i search endlessly-with my words of cry-i set you free

Raise from death
raise from underground
give me some breath
give me some sound
leave heaven or hell
wherever you may be
follow my words of spell
now come to me.

The river of styx
may no longer a border
with your reawaken
create a new world order
Old gods and demon
stand beside me
pray now to my power

Come back to earth
get out of the hole
i will bring back you
body-spirit and soul

i whisper the words of spell, witchery
these are soothsayers of blasphemy

the angels flee
with eyes full of fear
my name is John Dee
my complete victory is near
words of sorcery-brings the power to me-and endlessly-is my victory
beyond witchery-god falls to his knees-its all to me-NECROMANCY
Impurity-morbidity-pieces of devilry-raise all from cemetary

My mind may be twisted-my soul may be dark
I AM THE MASTER-i am your ark
Track Name: Necromancy Call
Necromansy Call

Standing on the abyss of death
broken bodies lies around
i give you now eternal breath
raise you from the underground

The victim is chosen
the curse is spoken
all rules are broken

I am the master of the seven darks
raise bodies out of hell
I do ancient rituals
pray inhuman spells

i help you from the hole of death
make you mine endlessly
your my slave til your last breath
and get perilous vitality

The whole world soon is in my hand
i will raise all that who died
in storm i take then all the land
defeated by my darkest rite

With the gravest curse
i let you dance puppet on MY string
We are bounded by our necROMANCE
i am master, your a thing.

I whisper words in tongues of old
Can you hear my call?
You will raise, but ever cold
til Gods Tower will fall
a second birth i offer you
in your grave be part of my empire of dark
all other life will fall from grace
my rite is humans last ark
Track Name: The Only Way
i spoke with the angel, who hold the key
to the abyss – with ABADDON
he knew my name-it is John Dee
full of magic, forbidden wisdom

i read the books which are forbidden
Grimoires and the deathless NECRONOMICON
i know all knowledge-written or unwritten
I learned it from all and also from nothingness

On my way i left the false faith behind
i broke all chains of the whole mankind
i learned, that god and luzifer are all blind
knowledge and wisdon on earth not to find

I sung the songs of eternal darkness
i spoke words in foreign tongues
i visited space deep beneath the abyss
beyond hell i heard necromancy songs

at last me John Dee has to say
NECROMANCY is the only way
Track Name: Raise The Dead
listen to the story i have to tell
speak with me the words of spell
dont be afraid of the mouldy smell
your soul raises from the pits of hell.

You were only a memory
a shadow deep in the past
but with my words of sorcery
your body wont die at last

and at the days of armageddon
when mankind comes to an end
you´ll stand by mighty abaddon
deathless in an eternal land

but dont forget i am your god
i raised you from death
your body now will never rot
be my slave with every breath

your my puppet i hold the strings
until the endless eternity
be mine or i will break your wings
This is necromancy witchery